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Scarborough Stingers
I have been working closely with the Scarborough Stingers baseball team, helping their cause and growing their community.

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Short Films

We wake up, go to work and come back home waiting for something amazing to happen.

Directed/Written/Edited by : Christian Castillo

Real Estate

Nattyva has experience modelling and was a contestant at Miss UNIVERSE Beauty Pageant of Canada. Her goal remains to establish herself as a pop singer by sending across a fun and positive message and be a role model to everyone out there who has a dream, as she believes we all have and deserve to have one. Nattyva has recently signed with Clarke Records and DjazProdukshunz who will work diligently with her to take her music career to the next level.

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Tresor Otshudi is a singer, songwriter, composer, dancer and guitar player. He is also an executive producer, music consultant, promoter, vocal coach and guitar instructor. Tresor's career also includes his work as an actor and model. Tresor is the 2011 winner of the very popular French television talent show 100% Phénoménes, a program of channel TF6 in France, where Tresor grew up. He won with his performance of his original song R&B Ndombolo. Tresor and his music have been featured in interviews, documentaries, live performances and reality TV shows on a number of top media channels in France and Canada. Some of the big-name, mainstream media sources that have recognized Tresor's talent include TF1 (the number one TV channel in France), France 2, M6, NRJ12, Virgin17 and Radio Canada. He now lives in Toronto, where he continues to perform regularly at various festivals, concerts, clubs and restaurant venues.

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