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I’m Christian Castillo, founder of Whitewolf Studios. I’m an experienced photographer and videographer. As far as I remember, I’ve always had a passion for film and photography. It may have stemmed from my desire to share my perspective, and I feel that the right camera in the right hands of a person with a good eye can make a simple shot into amazing art. I strive to be a filmmaker renowned for my unique style of storytelling.

In terms of the services I’m offering, I enjoy working with people who’d like to share a passion of theirs. As you may see from the work I proudly show on this website, I do my best to deliver what my clients expect, where their passion lies, and what I can bring to the table to really bring it all together. I will take photos, film and/or edit footage to piece together the wonderful art you want to share with the world. On the left side of this webpage, you can find the quick contact form, and I can give you an estimate of the fee(s) for the service(s) you seek, and we may discuss your interest further.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you, and discussing any future projects.